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Circle of Security Parenting Course

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Hi Everyone,

Well as we come to close for this year, I am already planning what I will be doing next year as well. I have just completed my course in Circle of Security Parenting as a facilitator and will be looking to run some groups starting from February. So what is Circle of Security Parenting???

Circle of Security is an internationally recognized evidence based program which draws from 50 years of research into attachment. It is run as an eight week parent group for parents with babies and toddlers. The group is designed to enhance the bond and sense of security for both parent and infant in their relationship by:

  • Giving parents a road map as a way to better understand their children’s needs.
  • Inviting parents to reflect on their own experiences of being parented and how it impacts on their parenting.
  • Providing an environment where parents can focus on their strengths and struggles and benefit from the experience of sharing with other parents.

With the enormous pressure on couples to be the “perfect parent”, Circle of Security Parenting is focused more on being a “good enough parent” which creates a far better environment for children growing up.

I will be running this course over an 8 week period for 2 hours per week. You will be given handouts to work with and to take home for reference.

If you are interested in becoming more attuned and creating a positive relationship with your child or if you just need help with this whole parenting thing, this course can help you.

Groups are 6-8 people only and cost is $180 per person for the course – Includes morning tea.

Unfortunately at this stage, there is no childcare available.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me 0419 981 902