Grief and Loss

Everyone at some point in their life will experience loss – loss of a person, pet, job, marriage, home the list is endless. How you process that loss is called Grief. Grief is experienced differently for everyone, there is no wrong or right way to grieve.

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal mental health is about the emotional well-being of a pregnant women and their child, partner and families. The Perinatal period extends from when pregnancy begins to the first year after the baby is born.

Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma is a huge area and means so many different things to different people. What is clear is that the feelings surrounding the birthing experience will influence our parenting and how we feel about ourselves as parents but help is available.


Counselling is a therapeutic relationship which is developed between a qualified counsellor and the client. Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable. It can provide a safe and regular space for you to talk and explore your feelings.


Counselling is a professional therapeutic relationship between a therapist and a client. Our job is to provide a space for clients to be able to work through their issues in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment.

Trauma Counselling

 Birth Trauma

 Perinatal Mental Health Counselling

Lisa Paul

I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, specializing in working with grief and loss, trauma/birth trauma and perinatal mental health. I chose to move across to a counselling role in order to provide a space for women/partners who struggle after the birth of their baby with their experiences whether that be through pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood.


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